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    • Experience - 3 days

      DAY ONE:

      Meet and Greet the Tourist at the Airport 1:30pm if on First Air, and 11am on Canadian North. Charters will be on Special times.

      Check them in at either Private Accommodation, Bed and Breakfast, and or Hotel 2pm.

      We also have a Campers Tent or Cabins just out of town for Tourist that are more adventurous. Fully equipped with all the things need. 2pm

      3pm to 5pm
      Clients will be accompanied by our Guide / Guides have Orientation and housekeeping with client's.

      Welcome to the north, session on available tours, community events, and local news. 6pm dinner

      After dinner 7pm to 10pm
      Igloo building and Traditional activities, story telling and
      Hand games; Watch the Arctic night light up with North lights, and shooting stars through the night


      DAY TWO:

      Indoor Activities: 9am to 12pm:
      Take them to Heritage Centre show them traditional clothing, hunting gear, traditional drums, and many items to see.

      We can have a quick drum dance, tradition activities. 3 hrs

      Out Door Activities: 1pm we can jump on our all train vehicle, or hook some dogs and do some sight seeing, Eco tours, between each activities cookies, hot chocolate or coffee will be offered,

      3pm to 5pm
      Ice fishing, out Activities such as batting ball, 2 man handball,

      If you choose our Out doors we offer caribou soup and bannock or you can have our Famous Arctic Char cook over wood stove, with our homemade lemon marine pie for desert.

      7pm to 10 pm
      after dinner watching traditional clothing being made or take part in making fish spears made of Mush Oxen Horns.

      Hot coffee, hot chocolate and home bake cookies will be offer between activities.


      DAY THREE:

      9am to 12pm
      most popular tour, we will go out on a sled dog tour accompanied by a Guide. You can choose to drive your own team, or you can just sit back and relax and enjoy the ride over the Northwest Passages,

      Or we can skip across the Arctic tundra, many wild life to see along on route to my 20-mile cabin. Snacks and activities in between hot chocolate, Coffee and cookies

      on the lunch menu Bannock and your choice of Arctic Char or Caribou soup will be served, or your choice of Store Bought Can soup.

      1pm 5pm
      check out some muskoxen, old camping grounds, build an Inuk shook before we head back to town.

      For clients staying at our cabins, on our supper menu we offer vegetarian salad with turkey on the side or hearty beef stir-fry, and for desert apple pie with ice cream.

      After dinner 7pm
      share the time say our farewell and give certificate of appreciation from our company to clients and your choice of Little Mitts or kamiks for ladies.


      Programmation: Patrick Allaire, ptre
      Cartes de souhaits