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      We are waiting for you

      Take in awesome displays of Arctic at midnight in autumn and winter. Choose a wilderness Cabin where you can see the Stars right overhead. We also specialize in memorable fishing vacations - fish for world class trophies on one of our super-sized lakes in the long days of Arctic summer. Or you could drive across the Northwest Passage to the amazing North, to see the Tundra in hand, on the Arctic Oceans Frozen as far as the eye can see.

      Imagine hiking in a Queen Maud Gulf, Bird Sanctuary at the top of the world, where caribou, Foxes, Arctic Hire, Musk Oxen, and many other Life spend the summer. Canoe a wild Northern Lake few have ever seen. Hop a Snowmachine and go Sightseeing over the Arctic Wilderness, go to the North or South to the Great Lake's of Chantry Inlet. Or relax aboard a boat, and travel a northern arctic summer to a secluded Tundra lodge.

      We offer spectacular vacation ideas in magnificent wilderness surroundings. Drive our uncrowded Lands and marvel at the wildlife. Our Landside and campgrounds welcome you with scenic Tundra. Musk oxen, Caribou, Wolves and bears can be spotted right from the Arctic. And rare birds from across the Americas nest here each summers.


      Take your choice of vacation highs in the Nunavut. There are packages that suit all tastes and abilities, from relaxed to high octane.  Visit a wilderness Cabins in winter to see the Arctic and play in the snow.

      Drive a dog team, or ski across a frozen lake. In summer, travel the Arctic coast, the Barrenland’s, with our Guides to see our wildlife roaming free.  Spot songbirds, geese and ducks by the thousands nesting on tundra and lakes.

      Hike in a national park at the top of the world, or hike the Arctic Trail, one of the toughest treks in North America.  Challenge a wild northern river that few have ever traveled.  Our experienced outfitters provide all the gear and will even teach you to navigate the wild tundra.


      Check out our packages, and contact Us.

      We can guarantee the ARCTIC adventure of a lifetime.


      Polar bears, wolfes, seals, muskox, tarmigan, geese, northern lights, midnight sun ....


      Let us guide you to the wonderful wolrd of Northern nature.


      See pictures of wildlife

      Experience the North with us

      Programmation: Patrick Allaire, ptre
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