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      Hungry FishTrophy

      Everything’s bigger in the Nunavut Territories and the fish are no exception. Cold, clear and teeming with record-breakers, legendary Northern waters offer some of the world’s most spectacular sportfishing. Our renowned fishing lodges go the distance to ensure action-packed adventures on unspoiled lakes and rivers in the Barrenlands or the Arctic tundra. Most resorts are accessible only by BOAT, Atv's, Dog Sled, and of course Everyones Favourite Snowmobile and each one is ready to provide the kind of sportfishing most people can only dream about. Facilities range from Relaxing Cabins to do-it-yourself campers Tent.

      Anglers lured North by the prospect of reeling in trophy lake trout, char, Northern Cod and Arctic White Fish can choose from a comprehensive array of weekend and week-long packages. There’s one for every dream, whether it’s working a roaring tundra stream or trolling a deep blue lake like Chantry Inlet or Kakivaktuqvik or Swan Lake.

      Drive in to a lodge on its own lake in the Tundra, or on the barrenlands, and let an experienced fishing guide show you where to land a trophy lake trout. Rent a cabin and fish round the clock under the midnight sun. If fly fishing is your game, our Northwest Passage Expedition Tours will guide you to a sport fishing adventure you’ll never forget.

       World-famous Hunts in the Arctic Wild

       Test your hunting skills in the remote, unspoiled vastness of the Nunavut Territories, where free-roaming game outnumbers the human population.

       In the Arctic Tundra, Caribou and Musk Oxen stand sentinel on Extreme Arctic. Polar bears rule the Arctic coast and islands.

       In the Barrenlands, wolves and grizzly follow the migrations of the caribou. This is memorable wilderness and your guides are some of the world’s most experienced outfitters.

       Wherever you go, and whatever your choice of trophy, seasoned experts will take care of every detail.


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