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      Where to sleep (traditionnal camp)

      Amazed by those people who knew how to survive and transmit their wisdom for generations in such rough nature ?

      Amazed by snow, ice and frosbites ?

      WHO WE ARE

      Northerners speak “Good Day” in no fewer than 11 official languages and many more, from countries that range from Africa to Greenland. Visitors will always be welcomed in English and Inuktitut, but chances are just about every second person you meet can speak at least one other language.

      Roughly half our 50,000 residents are of Aboriginal origin. The larger centres, Yellowknife, Inuvik and Hay River, and Iqaluit, Rankin Inlet, are also home to more recent arrivals.

      Who are we? Surviver's, we are the Inuit and the Inuvialuit, the Gwich’in, the and Metis, the Arctic people, the Northerners and the Surviver's, people of the SEAL "NETSILIKMIUT", "UKUHIKSALIKMIUT".

      Today, as yesterday, friendly, open and adventurous Northerners add to the charm of the Nunavut Territoies. You’ll meet them in every community and by travelling with our Nunavutmuit and guides. And every one has a great story to tell.

      Did you ever try it ?

      Yes, it's possible for you to go back in time and experience the traditional northern way of live. Come here and have camping by -30ºC, you will never forget ... .even more .... you will want to do it again.


      Take a Arctic Tour by Komootiks out to our Arctic cabin

      where you will enjoy your dream.


      And fun activities of your choice; Hand games, snowmobiling, Igloo Experience, traditional singing, dancing and of course Watch the Tundra turn to life.  Learn about the culture and Survival Skills of the north first in hand.

      Spend the night at the SwanLake with a group of up to 8, in the comfort of the cabin and wake for a Arctic breakfast before the dog sledding back to Civilization.

      For a real outdoor adventure, customize your own trip over a few days.

      Accommodation can be as simple as canvas prospectors tents, winters Igloo's or as luxurious as a first class Arctic Cabins.

      Ice fishing, snowmobiling, dog sledding, snow sliding, and Igloo Building are yours to be had on one of our Arctic adventure tours.

      You will get to experience all aspects of Survival and Especially running a dog team over a few days and will leave with memories from a true Arctic Adventure experience you will never forget.

       See some pictures

      Programmation: Patrick Allaire, ptre
      Cartes de souhaits